Enregistrements Alexis
Reel Lucy Campbell
Reel Spike Island Lasses
March The Battle Cry of Munster
Set dance O’Reilly Athcame
Hornpipe The Night we made the match
Hornpipe A few Bob
Hornpipe Early in the morning
  1. Reel  Lucy Campbell
  2. Reel Spike Island Lasses
  1. Reels Salamanca
  2. Reel The Rocky mountain road (G)
  1. Reels An páistín fionn 
  2. Reel Mountain dew
  1. Reel Jolly tinker
  2. Reel (G)
  1. Reels Piper desper
  2. ReeReel of Rio
  3. Reel Ormond sound
  1. Reels The Maid in the meadow
  2. Reel Johnny Cronin’s
  1. Jig The Nineth day of July jig
  2. Reel Mac Kenna country Reel
  1. Jig «Johnny Blessing’s delight »
  2. Jig Cap breton
  3. Jig Jocelyne (Edel Fox) avec Erwan
  1. Hornpipe (Esther a les noms)
  2. Hornpipe Cuckoo’s nest
  1. Slow air waltz The fairy Queen
  2. Air lent pour la danse Set dance / (Reel Esther)
  3. March Piper in the Cave
  4. March The battle cry of Munster
  5. March (G)
  6. polkas 1920-1930 Music hall
  7. Slow air Jo Ryan’s 
  8. Slow air The Fareast Rose
  9. Waltz avec Servane